TV Actress Abigail Pande Flaunts Her Topless Yoga Picture

TV actress and dancer Abigail Pande recently posted a topless picture of herself on social media.

She wrote My many words may not be able to express how much I appreciate what @nude_yogagirl is doing.

Many of You may not resonate with her insta handle but don’t we all know how attractive headlines and titles walk you towards what a person is trying to express, do we not know that judging a book by its cover is not the ultimate climax, so yeah!

***** and yoga might not have anything in common but it’s expression together may mean world to people who experience it, I was shy and scared and fearful of taking a shot that might make me feel liberated.

Only because I kept thinking what others would think, my friend and also my photographer plus bodyguard in the moment @aashkagoradia said “Abby, let go off the fear of what others think, it won’t make you feel empowered.”

Just in that moment I let go off, in my mind I knew there is no watching me but me, and just in that moment I had to let go, for me. Here’s my story what’s yours? #nuedisnormal ❤

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